When it comes to agricultural irrigation, we do it all, we do it right, and we do it for the right price. That’s why we count among our projects some of the biggest ag irrigation systems in use today. You’ll find our solutions in farms, orchards and groves that produce a wide variety of crops, including citrus, blueberries, pecans, strawberries, hemp, apples, olives, grapes, peaches and more. Agri Services International (ASI) is located in Florida, but we our work extends to Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, New York, and overseas.

Whether you need design and installation of a custom agricultural irrigation system, wholesale irrigation supplies, or maintenance and repair services, you can trust the seasoned professionals at Agri Services to get the job done. We are a solution-oriented — not a sales-oriented — company, which means that we will not sell or install any equipment that doesn’t make sense for your particular application. You can’t go wrong when you rely on the expert experienced team at Agri Services International.

Turnkey Solutions

Agri Services (ASI) designs and engineers tailored agricultural irrigation system solutions from start to finish. We will fully customize a system for you based on your crop, the water source, and the size and shape of your field. We also take int...

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Hydraulic Design

A sound hydraulic design is necessary to create an efficient, well-functioning irrigation system. All Agri Services International (ASI) engineers have several decades of experience and strictly adhere to standards that meet or exceed those set by ...

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Wholesale Parts

Agri Services International is the irrigation wholesaler you can trust to advise you on any problem and recommend the right parts to solve it – always at a competitive price. Whether you need a part for a minor repair or a quote on a complex mater...

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System Installation

Agri Services International is first and foremost, an irrigation contractor. We know that the best parts and perfect hydraulic design is worthless without proper execution during the installation. As such, our production managers approach every i...

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Service & Repair

Over the last 27 years, Agri Services International (ASI) has learned that at the foundation of every effective irrigation system is sound hydraulic design, careful product selection and precise installation. Even with that strong foundation, it...

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Project Management

Are you looking for an installation solution that leverages ASI’s expertise while also taking advantage of your in-house labor? If so, consider utilizing our wholesale and project management services to handle your next installation. DIY installa...

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Used Equipment

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What Do Our Customers Say?

“It was difficult to secure a hydraulic design, quality materials and great prices when working internationally — until we were introduced to Agri Services International. These guys get it done fast and done right. We have been very happy with the variety of services they offer.”
Veny Marti, Martex Farms; Puerto Rico
Crop: Pecans

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I need service?

A. ASI responds promptly and efficiently to all calls for service. During freeze emergencies, ASI is available on a 24-hour basis to ensure that your agriculture irrigation system operates properly and provides your crop with the maximum protection possible.

Q. Can I afford an ASI irrigation system?

A. Given the expert design, durability and reliability of a ASI System, the cost is quite reasonable. And when you consider the longer tree life, water savings and, most importantly, the increased yield and profits, the question really becomes, “Canyou afford not to have an ASI irrigation system?”