Citrus Irrigation

An optimal citrus irrigation system is essential to maintaining the health and productivity of your orchard. Agri Services International has extensive experience with orange tree irrigation as well as irrigation for all other kinds of citrus — lemons, grapefruit, etc. This means, if you’re looking for information about irrigation systems, we can help.

How Does Drip Irrigation Benefit Citrus?

Citrus fruit, in particular, requires a lot of water to perform well. Underwatered trees lead to low yields. When trees go into water stress, fruit tends to be smaller, too. This is why agriculture irrigation systems are so essential. With a drip irrigation system, you can ensure that your orchard gets the water it needs, even during dry years.

To start, drip irrigation systems use on average 40 percent less water than sprinkler systems. This is in part because water delivered directly to the ground doesn’t have the chance to evaporate before trees can absorb it. With drip irrigation, however, you’ll also be delivering water directly where it needs to go — no wastage by sprinkling water outside the tree’s root zone.

Additionally, drip irrigation gives you a lot of control over other factors. You can apply fertilizer through the irrigation system, which allows for precise control over nutrient delivery. Drip irrigation also helps keep soil aerated with moisture levels uniform. These systems can be fully automated, which reduces your labor costs, too.

Choose Agri Services International

Agri Services International is a full-service company, which means that we are available to help you through every step of the process. It all starts with the design of an irrigation system custom-made to suit your orchard and its unique needs. From there, we can install the system for you. If you have your own labor force, our project managers will help you oversee the project to make sure the installation proceeds smoothly.

We offer wholesale parts, and should your irrigation system need repair, our technicians are available for that, too.

Twenty-seven years in the irrigation industry means that we have the experience to serve some of the largest producers in the citrus industry. If you’d like to learn more about drip irrigation, please contact us with any questions. To request a quote, click here!