Crops & Applications

Crops & Applications

Agri Services International (ASI) specializes in providing irrigation solutions for the following crops: citrus, blueberries, hemp, strawberries, pecans, apples and peaches. We have extensive experience with these crops and we know what it takes to design and install system cost-effective systems that produces healthy crops and increased yields.

Citrus Irrigation

Declining fresh water resources and adverse weather may affect the size, quality and yield of citrus fruits. Precision drip irrigation helps to mitigate these risks and ensure that fruit quality and production levels are not negatively impacted. Precision irrigation:

  • Prevents water stress that can result in slow growth and small fruit size
  • Conserves water and fertilizer, applying them directly to the root zone
  • Offers outstanding aeration and results in uniform soil moisture
  • Can be automated and controlled remotely, increasing efficiency, reducing labor and gaining real-time inputs on your field — from anywhere

Blueberry Irrigation

Drip irrigation enables blueberries to grow faster, larger and more uniformly, produce higher yields and reduce water costs. Better quality fruit means premium prices while higher yields result in greater profits. Drip irrigation for blueberries:

  • Deposits the water directly into the root zone where it’s needed
  • Reduces energy costs by using lowering required water pressure
  • Applies water with 95 percent efficiency, so you conserve water
  • Produces healthier, stronger plants that can withstand freeze and frost, especially when used in conjunction with overhead sprinklers

Pecan Irrigation

Pecan trees require a lot of water and obtain most of it from the upper soil. If the trees have to reach deep for water, they go into survival mode, which diverts energy from nut development. Irrigation helps prevent drought stress, improves nut quality and increases crop yields. The most common types of irrigation systems for pecan orchards are micro-jets emitters and drip tubing. These systems provide the following benefits vs. solid-set sprinklers:

  • Less evaporation and water loss because water is discharged at or below ground level
  • Water is discharged efficiently and applied uniformly
  • Energy savings result from lower water pressure requirements
  • More constant soil moisture levels are achieved and maintained
  • Nutrients and other chemicals can be applied through the irrigation system
  • Automation can easily be added to these systems

Hemp Irrigation

Cannabis cultivation on a large scale requires irrigation. Plants should be grouped by strain so you can grow each genetic strain or several closely related strains in the same irrigation zone. There are several approaches to ensuring the growth of strong, healthy plants:

  • Flood irrigation involves adding a large amount of water to the ground so it seeps through the soil substrate to slowly reach the roots. This approach uses the most water and lacks uniformity
  • Rotation irrigation provides different treatments (i.e., nutrients in water, plain water and no water) over a period of three days. This approach is labor-intesive but more precise.
  • Drip irrigation is the best technique for hemp because it precise and efficient
  • Adding fertigation and automation to a drip systems allows nutrients and water to be delivered uniformly to the plant based on any number of preset factor such as a schedule, soil moisture, nutrient levels, etc.

Orchard Irrigation

Short, frequent irrigation helps orchard fruits grow larger and produces higher yields. Automated drip irrigation is the best solution for watering orchards, especially those with young trees because it:

  • Efficiently and uniformly gets the water to trees, with minimal runoff
  • Prevents or reduces the root rot that often occurs with other types of irrigation
  • Can be used to apply nutrients/chemcials via fertigation/chemigation
  • Reduces labor, water, fertilizer and chemical costs
  • Can be supplemented with overhead sprinklers for cooling
  • Can be combined with under-tree micro sprinklers for frost protection

Sod Farm Irrigation

Portable or traveling sprinkler systems are ideal for sod farms. These easy-to-use “water reel” systems allow you to adjust the speed, regulate run time and shut-down, automatically retract the hose, and control the water application depth — all while you’re busy doing other tasks. The benefits of water reels include:

  • Protection against long periods of dry weather
  • Flexibility to apply water at various depths based on grass and soil type
  • Portability that allows irrigation of multiple fields

Aquaculture Equipment

Do you operate a fish farming business? Are you aware that the aquaculture equipment you need can be obtained directly from Agricultural Services International? ASI supplies valves, pumps, filters, motors, PVC pipe and fittings — at wholesale prices — to fish farms and hatcheries.

Other Applications:

  • Greenhouses
  • Nurseries
  • Strawberry Farms
  • Tomato Farms