Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Agri Services (ASI) designs and engineers tailored agricultural irrigation system solutions from start to finish. We will fully customize a system for you based on your crop, the water source, and the size and shape of your field. We also take into account your fuel availability and cost as well as the initial cost and the labor requirements of each type of irrigation system.

A Vast Inventory of Parts

ASI has access to all the parts your system needs — from PVC pipe and fittings, drip tubing and meters to pumps, sprinklers and automation systems — from all your favorite brands and at competitive prices. If we don’t have a particular part in stock, we will order it and have it in time for your system installation.

Installation and Calibration

Our highly trained, experienced on-site (not contract) employees come out and install your custom system for you. Our installers also calibrate your system, meaning that we set it up so the sprinklers are operating the correct amount of time for your particular soil. This ensures that every crop gets exactly the right amount of water. We won’t leave until your agricultural irrigation system is operating correctly, and ready to meet your unique crop, soil and acreage needs.

Automation Is an Option

Would you like to automate your system so you don’t have to manually turn it on and off? The experts at ASI can help you with that, too!


What Do Our Customers Say?

“Agri Services has provided us with hydraulic design, wholesale parts and turnkey installation — whatever we needed, whenever we needed it.”
Jump Cappellen, International Farming Corporation, Lane Southern Orchards; Georgia
Crop: Peaches and Pecans

“I like that Agri Services International provides fixed-price, turnkey contracts for irrigation. The projects we have completed with ASI have been from A to Z. They designed the irrigation system, chose the best products, installed the system and handed us the key. Very smooth.”
George Davis, GenCanna; Winchester, Kentucky
Crop: Hemp

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does ASI work in chemigation and fertigation

A. In addition to irrigating your crops, ASI irrigation systems can designed to deliver fertilizer and chemicals with pinpoint accuracy, increasing yields while lowering inputs. ASI systems can also be designed to provide frost protection during the potentially damaging winter season.

Q. Is an ASI agricultural irrigation system difficult to operate?

A. ASI systems are easy to operate. They feature a variety of control options ranging from manual to fully computer automated. Either way, we’ll fully train your staff before handing over the keys.