Project Management

Project Management

Are you looking for an installation solution that leverages ASI’s expertise while also taking advantage of your in-house labor? If so, consider utilizing our wholesale and project management services to handle your next installation. DIY installation is often fraught with mistakes that end up being more costly than if the grower paid for a turnkey installation from the beginning. On the flip side, bringing on an ASI project manager, especially for out-of-state and international growers, often provide the most cost-effective solution by blending our resources with yours.

So, what is the best solution for growers who have their own labor force that they’d like to use? Our project management service is for the grower who wants to save money by using in-house or contracted labor in conjunction with the expert oversight of an ASI project manager. This middle ground approach offers growers the biggest bang for their buck.

In this scenario, an Agri Services project manager adds value by:

  • Planning the installation site logistics
  • Receiving and staging materials
  • Supervising your labor force, assuring that work is performed correctly
  • Providing quality management oversight by ensuring adherence to the hydraulic design
  • Controlling costs

Offering system training to the end users

Benefits of ASI Project Management

Our project management service is a “best of both worlds” offering. This service provides a balance between using your employees or outside contractors, while still leveraging the expertise of Agri Services.

Our expert oversight & wholesale part + your crew(s) = a cost-effective means of getting an installation done properly.