Hydraulic Design

Hydraulic Design

A sound hydraulic design is necessary to create an efficient, well-functioning irrigation system. All Agri Services International (ASI) engineers have several decades of experience and strictly adhere to standards that meet or exceed those set by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The professionals at ASI stay current with the latest advances in the field, so you get the best hydraulic irrigation design for your needs, one that ensures that water flows consistently and uniformly from your water source in the exact amount required for your crop and soil type.

How We Work

The ASI design team collaborates with you to develop the most efficient, cost-effective design for your requirements. We begin with an analysis of your water source, topography, soil and crop information. Once all variables are taken into consideration, we proceed to an overall system design. We work through the design details and specifications, determine the materials needed for the system, and develop the cost estimate.

Regardless of the type of irrigation system you need designed — drip, solid set, or micro-jet — it will be designed with percision and installed to specification. You can depend on ASI for an irrigation solution that will operate as intended for many years.


What Do Our Customers Say?

“ASI helped us initially with hydraulic designs for our hemp operation. As we saw the quality of their work, it was an easy transition to begin using their wholesale supply service and their seasoned project managers to direct our in-house labor. We have been very pleased.”
Jim Begley, Southern Tier Hemp; Cato, New York
Crop: Hemp

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is ASI the irrigation leader?

A. Our in-house engineering department provides computer-aided designs and parts lists customized to your specific needs and circumstances; our experienced, professional work crews install “turnkey” irrigation systems; and Agricultural Services International follows up all installations with prompt, quality service and components.

Q. How important is the design of my ASI system?
A. The key to efficient irrigation is uniformity in the distribution of water to every corner of your grove or field, and uniformity can only be achieved through precise hydraulic design. The ASI standard of 90 – 95 percent uniformity contributes dramatically to the success of your crop and the protection of your investment.