Automation makes irrigation easier — simply start your system by pushing a button or program your system to turn on automatically as the soil conditions warrant. While it’s easy to add automation to a new irrigation system, existing systems can also be retrofitted with an automation system.

Automation adds convenience and efficiency to your irrigation work, enabling you to reduce labor costs and production errors while gaining more visibility and control over your irrigation process. An automated irrigation system allows you to control your pumps and valves so that the right amount of water is applied in the right place at the right time.

Benefits of an Automated Irrigation System

Automation provides the following advantages:

  • Labor reduction
  • Water conservation
  • Chemical and fertilizer savings
  • Increased yields and profitability
  • Remote monitoring and control

Automation from Agri Services

The knowledgeable professionals at ASI can work on any kind of automation system from any supplier. However, we install Bermad systems, as we are Florida’s exclusive distributor for Bermad, a company that specializes in irrigation automation solutions.

The Bermad BIC 2500 is a powerful, cloud-enabled, crop irrigation management system. It combines various hardware, software and communication components with analytical tools, monitoring capabilities, irrigation control, fertilizer injection control, filtration control, water source management and an advanced user interface.

The BIC 2500 is ideal for:

  • Irrigation control and management of medium and large farms
  • Centralized irrigation control of multi-crop and multi-irrigation sections
  • Climate monitoring, planning and irrigation controls
  • Areas that require sophisticated irrigation methods, such as GPS, pulse irrigation and auto-agronomy
  • Central command of control valves spread over separated and large geographical areas
  • Projects requiring control of multiple and diverse types of water sources

ASI uses DreamSpot software by TALGIL, for accessing irrigation controllers to provide real-time control, monitoring and data analysis.

What Do Our Customers Say?

“Agri Services has been very responsive and the service technician they sent was very experienced with automation and fertigation.”
George Davis, World Market; Guatemala
Crop: Coffee